Thursday, November 3, 2011

Friday, April 9, 2010

au revoir centrum..

Finally, yesterday i got my payment, although not as much as first mentioned.. no valid reason was given as to why the amount was not as it was meant but still, i am grateful because it is over.. but to have further dealings with the management of centrum is out of my mind now. enough is enough i guess :once bitten twice shy...

so,for those future-weds that would like to have Dewan Centrum as their venue for the wedding reception, please do go on directly to them as i am no longer available to assist any of you. but should any of you would like to ask me about pelamin or wedding dress (especially those made by Datin Lynda of LYNDARAHIM KL) please feel free to do so as i am still attached to them on ad-hoc basis.

I also have honeymoon packages available for future-weds.. just tell me where and when, or even what the budget is, and i will assist you in getting the most memorable days of your future life with your love ones.. or even other travel and tour packages for any occasion or event.

that's all from me for now and all the best for the lovers out there...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

sikap-sikap orang munafik...

as of today, Mr Q is no more associated with Dewan Centrum Setiawangsa or the management office maintaining the Hall. If anybody is willing to pay RM5,500 for half day rental usage of the dewan, just go directly there and try to find the management. Forewarn though that the amount is for the rental alone; as of 2010, the Hall will only be rented out with the wedding packages which started out from RM7k++ for pelamin only or up to RM40K++ for all-in.. so up to you all.

Mr Q is still maintaining this blog because the management is still owing me money and so far any communication has been one-sided. Even the website is using an unauthorised photo from this blog..hmmm... No harsh comment will be stated about the management but  for those looking for medium budget wedding, please stay clear..this place is not for you.

For those looking for a more professional wedding planner, Mr Q would be glad to refer any of you to LYNDARAHIM KL... personally know the pelamin designer for the company.. if you never heard of LYNDA, google it please for further info.

As for those looking for honeymoon trip locally or oversea, then look no further as Mr Q can cater for you. Just go to Contact them and ask for Mr Q.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kemudahan2 Dewan Centrum Setiawangsa

ni gambar2 tambahan facility yang ada di dewan centrum MARA setiawangsa.. btw ada lif sekali pasal dewan ni di tingkat 5.. ada 4 tingkat parking for about 200 cars..

next time MrQ upload gambar2 function yg dah dijlnkan pulak and their layout.. till then, au revoir!

MrQ nak share photos facility yg ada di dewan ni.. separate surau for lelaki n wanita,parking VIP betol2 depan pintu dewan, Bilik VIP yg fully air-conditioned n ada toilet,public toilet for both lelaki n perempuan at the back of dewan plus special toilet for wheel-chair bound, screen n projector di atas pentas.. full p.a system n speaker yg best bangat for pipe-in music (konsert ala battle of the band kena bwk system sendiri la...) boleh jugak kengkawan buat reference if ada sesapa nak sewa dewan ni untuk function u all nanti..

Monday, June 22, 2009

camno nak pegi centrum?

since mula beroperasi, ramai orang tanya kat mana dewan centrum ni... so skrg ni nak bagi senang orang cari Mr Q dah listingkan dalam GOOGLE MAP under "dewan centrum MARA". cuma x dapat lagi nak bagi exact GPS coordinate jer.. kemudian2 laa..

tapi if still sesat and tak jumpa, dewan ni betul2 depan sekolah kebangsaan Setiawangsa, sebelah Medan Selera. Sebelah bangunan dewan ni pulak is Island & Peninsular office and berhadapan dengan padang Setiawangsa..

Around bulan Julai 2009 ni dah ada signboard nama dewan ni besar2 bagi senang orang nak cari.. by the way, dewan ni at the top (tingkat 5) so dari bawah memang tak perasan ada dewan.. later on kat bawah bangunan ni ada la KOPITIAM and cafe and butik.. so masa tu nanti dah tak susah nak cari dewan centrum nih..

1000pax makan hidang

by the way, kot ada sesiapa yang nak sewa dewan ni lepas tengok gambar2 ni boleh la contact Mr Q lepas ni... tempat ni memang menarik.. boleh isi 1000pax makan hidang.. if buffet plak boleh setting 700 seating (70 meja + kerusi banquet )...

Dewan ni ada kat tingkat 5 bangunan Centrum MARA ni so ada parking lot 4 tingkat.. ada la lebihkurang 220 parking lot... ada lif plak..

P.A system superb!!! especially bila design dewan ni bentuk DOME.. so acoustic dia memang marvellous... kot ada live gamelan group perform, memang "un-plug".. satu dewan boleh dengar...

yang gambar2 ni semua masa salah satu kenduri kahwin yang 1000pax makan hidang dengan "dome".. memang cantik teramat... considered salah satu majlis yang terhebat antara semua2 la.. tak tau la kot-kot lepas ni ada yang boleh jadi lagi best...