Tuesday, April 6, 2010

sikap-sikap orang munafik...

as of today, Mr Q is no more associated with Dewan Centrum Setiawangsa or the management office maintaining the Hall. If anybody is willing to pay RM5,500 for half day rental usage of the dewan, just go directly there and try to find the management. Forewarn though that the amount is for the rental alone; as of 2010, the Hall will only be rented out with the wedding packages which started out from RM7k++ for pelamin only or up to RM40K++ for all-in.. so up to you all.

Mr Q is still maintaining this blog because the management is still owing me money and so far any communication has been one-sided. Even the website is using an unauthorised photo from this blog..hmmm... No harsh comment will be stated about the management but  for those looking for medium budget wedding, please stay clear..this place is not for you.

For those looking for a more professional wedding planner, Mr Q would be glad to refer any of you to LYNDARAHIM KL... personally know the pelamin designer for the company.. if you never heard of LYNDA, google it please for further info.

As for those looking for honeymoon trip locally or oversea, then look no further as Mr Q can cater for you. Just go to www.eyesholidays.com.my. Contact them and ask for Mr Q.